Monday, August 23, 2004

I remember that, exactly a year ago, I didn't really have a birthday dinner; I was too excited because it was our last chance to watch Dogville at Cinemanila. Today, Dogville comes out on R1 DVD. Just a little pimple of a footnote.

Happy birthday to Bodge! And a belated happy birthday to Carlo Eustaquio and Rude Rudy!

*blogging interrupted because Neva and Rachel just burst in with a birthday torte! It tastes great! Yum! It's like a thin layer of cake, then mousse, then icing. :)*

Thank you to everyone who texted, it really meant a lot. :) We're 7 hours behind over here so I got them all on the 23rd, but who cares? It's the thought that counts. I woke up this morning to messages from my mom and Jeline. Neva woke me up with a Mirrorball shirt. :)

With the cancellation of The Beta Band gig I'm not sure what I'm going to be doing today. Neva's attending Rachel's class later this afternoon so I'll actually spend part of today all alone. Boo hoo. Nah, that's fine, actually. In high school I used to spend birthdays entirely by myself, disappearing from the house early in the morning and coming home whenever I felt. O diba? Emo before there was emo! I would walk around, commute, just do whatever. A day of reflection and thanksgiving.

Well, enough of that. I'd offer you some torte, but... :)

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