Saturday, August 28, 2004


He gave a fantastic, inspiring talk, living up to and exceeding the character I expected him to be. I got a super-short interview with him, some pics, some autographs (he signed my Happy Together DVD!), and one of the best feelings of the day, of this trip, of the year, was handing him Hey, Comics!. It hadn't occurred to me how serendipitous his surprise appearance at the Edinburgh Film Festival was-- first, the only DVD I've bought so far is Happy Together (because the R2 version has the one-hour documentary Buenos Aires Zero Degree), and secondly, my story in Hey, Comics! was DEDICATED TO HIM! So I showed him that, and he seemed genuinely happy, and even showed it to the director he was sitting beside (who I didn't know). And then we just HUNG OUT for like 2 hours! There was a small group of us listening to him talk, asking him questions, while he slowly nursed his beer and held court for all us rapt film geeks.

Today is my favorite day of this trip so far. :) Even though I did the least (another irony); a lot of the day was spent just waiting for Doyle to be available for an interview.

WOO-HOO!!! :)

P.S. Alia, I got an autograph for you.

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