Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Ahh, memories...

I was having dinner at Banana Leaf last night and was stunned to see my crush from first year high school, sitting there with someone I don't know. The reason why this would stun me is because I haven't seen her since that first year in high school. She'd moved to Boston (my favorite city, but for other reasons) to study there. She still looked great, and I hope I didn't seem weird to the other diners, gawking at her like an idiot (she never saw me, thank God). I didn't get up to say hi. I'd only met her once, so I was sure that she wouldn't remember me.

It's funny how memory works. This girl I hadn't seen in almost 8 years, I immediately recognized. And sitting back down at my table, it all came rushing back: admiring her from afar (she went to the same church I did), playing pusoy dos with her one time, taking the fact that she liked one of the bands I liked at the time (can't remember if it was Sleeper or echobelly) as a sign from the heavens that we were meant to be together.

8 years! It was so nice getting to see how she turned out. She's still pretty as anything, eyes still lively and big. Hair still curly. The rush of memories made me laugh at my 14-year-old self. And it also made me feel a bit old, just shy of my next birthday. Great timing.

(As a point of reference, I graduated college last March)


Gamitan comes out today! Please go see it. It's written and directed by one of my best friends, and it's his first film. Not the kind of film he'd've wanted to make given a choice, but think of it this way: supporting him now will entice Viva to give him more projects where he can do what he wants, and that can't be anything but good for our industry. And I should have a two-second cameo in it too, so there.

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