Monday, August 19, 2002

Been very passive the past few days. Saw Battle Royale for the second time (first saw it in March). Still a traumatizing mindfuck of a movie, but utterly riveting. Will be seeing it again later tonight with Quark, who hasn't seen it yet. Heh heh... There are some beautiful shirts of BR designed by Airside, but they'll set you back at least something like P1800 a pop. Ouch. Damn good designs, though, really freaky... I've some ideas for shirts myself, and maybe I'll be able to get them realized pretty soon, too...

Also read Brian Bendis and Michael Gaydos's Alias, the first 9 issues collected in a handsome hardcover. It's very good, much better than I had expected. It's about an ex-superhero now-PI in the Marvel Universe, and the cases she gets are a mixture of the tangentially weird and the ordinary vanilla kind. It's the mixture that makes it interesting, and Bendis shows a real talent for the quieter moments (which I love) and brilliant transitions (as always).

Am in the middle of reading the Stray Bullets collections, c/o Chris. Cool Beans!

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