Friday, August 30, 2002

First: It’s Saturday, so the Bookfair begins. Also, because of the success of last night’s Ring screenings (which I attribute to this blog, naturally :) ), they’ve decided to have another marathon today and tomorrow, Sunday. Please catch it if you can.
Good thing I checked my mail. Got home at around 320 AM, and was planning to get up at 830 and be at Megamall early for the Bookfair so I could raid the comics. But a friend told me they’re only going to sell comics on the last two days of the fair. So I can sleep. But you bet your ass I’m going to be getting my copy of After Eden tomorrow!

What a great day. The screening at Brash Young Cinema went well. Around 60 people attended, which Joey said was a good thing, better than normal, but not quite breaking the record that a bunch of anime kids set (over 100). Some donated money, some didn’t. Around 21 people stayed to watch Battle Royale, even though it started around 10 PM. Meanwhile some of us were getting drunk outside the screening room and in the parking lot. It started precisely 740 PM. The films were well-received. Some audio problems with two films, but thankfully nothing major. Met some people, like Beth, who posts on the Indiefil forums as Lil’ Jinx, and Chirpy and Kat, and saw Kara and Knox again, etc. Lots of nice kids. It kind of freaked me out seeing Kara wearing heels, though.

On to the drinking: Carlo was so pissed. He was horny and hitting on people. The Hong was drunk that day too, but at work. Son of a bitch is turning into a regular souse. Chris, surprisingly, wasn’t that wasted. But he was red as a baboon’s ass whenever his films would show. Hahaha! Mich was a little gone, too, as you can tell from her blog entry, which she posted as soon as she got home, being a blog slave.

Alexis has put up some pics from the night already. He put them up as soon as he got home. These are some of them:

From left, that’s me, Mich, and Alexis, with the lovely Lara Brash (Joey’s younger sister, who he introduced to me around seven times [yes, Joey was drunk too]) at the top

Joeybrash’s photo from Hot Shit magazine. Wotta pose! Wooh!

Bonus trivia: the first time ever that Joey slept in a room all by himself occurred in the last 3 months. And he's 28. Wrap your head around THAT.

Mich, me, and Chris (hamming for the camera, as usual)

Half of Alexis, Carlo, Alia, and Chris’s big mouth.

Here Alexis is talking to his “homies” about the “shiznit.” He says, “Represent, y’all. Ayt? Word to ya mutha.”

Some kids came by when Battle Royale ended. They must’ve forgotten the part in the announcement saying 7 PM. Me, Neva, Ernan, and The Hong ended up at A&W to get some drinks and grub. Quark followed. We talked a bit. Got tired. Went home.

In summation: a good night with good friends, and it was cool getting to help your friends by getting their shit seen. We plan to make this a regular thing. More indiefilipino screenings at Brash. Still deciding if it’s going to be every 2 weeks or every month.

A minor epiphany: I want to get more work done. This is something that also came to mind after my terrific birthday surprise party. I’m so happy and blessed and lucky that I have such amazingly talented friends, but it does kind of make me feel pathetic because I’ve turned 22 and have done nothing with my life. I want to come out with work too. Got to get off my lazy duff and start writing. Just do something.


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