Friday, August 16, 2002

Some sweet images:

is the cover of the soundtrack of Storytelling, Todd Solondz's latest film. It's to my delight and surprise that Belle and Sebastian provide the music. Though I read at The Onion that only about 6 minutes were used by Solondz. Well, at least you can hear the rest of the unused score by scoring the soundtrack (haha! I made a funny! ... Christ, that's pathetic). I love it! It's just so spooky and... red. I have no idea what it has to do with the film (if anything at all), and we have the MTRCB to thank for that, who declared it unfit for exhibition. Bah!, I say... Bah!


is the lovely, family-friendly teaser poster for The Rules of Attraction.

Fornication and stuffed animals never had it so good.

I swear, if you ever need ideas for graphic design, all you have to do is visit a decent record store and check out album covers. Or go to Not Page One or Bibliarch and go through their expensive art/design books. Or surf the web.

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