Wednesday, August 28, 2002

Notice the shrubbery around the balls? HAHAHA!

HAHAHAHA! God, I love The Onion. One of my Wednesday comforts, along with a new Nanotale from Richard Kadrey and a new column from Steven Grant. And of course, all the new comics come out on Wednesday (in the US, at least). And here, we get new movies in theaters.


All hail Carlo Eustaquio, who is not only one of the finest artists you'll meet, but now a blogger as well! Haha! He caved in... who's next?!


See, it's happening already. Alia mentioned in her blog what I was talking about in a previous post... how we're not seeing one another anymore, just reading each other's blogs and posting entries and commenting snarkily and making fun of Chris (not that there's anything wrong with that). And when we DO see each other it's "Have you read so and so's blog?" And then later that night after seeing each other we all write about the same event and read one another's version and appraisal of the events and comment again and so on and so forth oh no I've gone cross-eyed...

It's all too self-reflexive for me. Or is self-reflexive a redundant term?

Alia's blog also has a purty picture right now from Carlo's birthday dinner where you can see how drunk The Hong (as we fondly call Harvey) really is. He's not "compressing" to be in the picture, he's about to fall over!


Chris, Quark, and I snuck into a theater to watch a Japanese Dogme film called Seafood (as part of Cinemanila), which was really disturbing and features perhaps the most vile cop I've ever seen in all of fiction. We didn't get caught, so we didn't have to pay. Heh.

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