Tuesday, August 20, 2002

De Veyra is a unique name, and I've not yet met a De Veyra I wasn't related to somehow, because we almost always come from Visayas. However, it also means countless episodes of having to explain to people that it's not De Vera, that it's got a y. And apparently, all De Veyras know how unique their name is, because after sending out an email plugging our Cinemanila coverage at Indiefilipino.com, which I sent to basically everyone I know and every mailing list I belong to, I've come into contact with two different De Veyras, inquiring if we're related. I could only reply, "We have to be."


Well, I saw Battle Royal for the 3rd time last night with Quark and Neva. And that's that: BR is officially one of my favorite films. I did some research on the net about the film and discovered that besides the peachy keen bloody t-shirts, it's pretty hard to find an inexpensive copy of the poster, and that it's not yet available on Region 1 DVD. Since my player only plays Region 1 discs, that's a problem. Apparently, BR doesn't even have a distributor in the US, theatrically or on video, because no one's willing to touch the film in the wake of Columbine. So my only chance is getting the Region 0 disc (which plays on all players).

But then another surprise: a longer version of BR, called "Special Version," which adds another 9 minutes with some enhanced special effects, will be out in two weeks on DVD in the UK. And it's a nice package, too: a 2-disc set with lots of features and cool packaging: a blank cover with a bright red BR stamp on the upper left. It's Region 0, but PAL, so I still can't play it. Damn.


I really fucking hate government traffic convoys. Or whatever the hell they're called. You know, those Nissan Patrols or Ford Explorers with lights flashing and a police escort who break every traffic rule imaginable? And inside it's some senator or mayor or what-have-you. It's ridiculous and dangerous. Where in the constitution does it say that this kind of "special treatment" is allowed? In my opinion they should be stuck in traffic more than anybody else: maybe it'll get them to work on our traffic situation a little more if they were actually engaged in it. I would understand if it were the President or whoever and needs actual protecting, but almost everyone with a semblance of authority and a huge ego problem partake of it as if it were a social status signifier. Which it is, I suppose, but one that is royally fucked in the head.

Plus, the police escort is almost always composed of rude pricks.

So do what I do: don't let 'em through. Don't go out of your way to block 'em, because that would be rude, but if they're trying to make you go out of your way to let them pass, don't.


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