Monday, August 26, 2002

Mark your calendars! This Thursday, at Greenbelt 1, beginning at 630 PM, all three Ring films will be shown, in the correct order they should be seen: 1, 2, 0. Watch it! When's the last time we had a full trilogy shown in a theater? Uh, NEVER.

Also! On Friday, August 30, be at Brash Young Cinema at 7 PM as we at show off some kick-ass student films, some by our own Chris Costello. Mo Zee, Jo Fabul, and Quark Henares will also be featured. And we'll probably end with Battle Royale! So BE THERE! Bacchanal begins at 7.



Suddenly everyone's blogging away like mad! Well, except maybe Ate Cyn, who has a good reason: she's really busy. Anyway, Mich and Alia have finally come out of the closet and allowed the public to view their blogs, Alexis and Chris started their own recently, Neva jump-started hers after a dormant period, I finally got this personal blog up and running, and Ernan is just starting out.

You do know what's going to happen eventually, don't you? We'll all be sitting at our computers, blogging away, and we won't be seeing each other anymore. And blogging about not seeing each other. And reading each other's blog. And commenting and signing one another's guestbooks.

On that note, sign mine! Here's the link.


I'd be remiss if I failed to mention the other excellent birthday party I attended last Saturday: Carlo Eustaquio's birthday dinner at his house. It was the first time Neva and I had been there, and personally I was expecting something a little more... eclectic when I saw Carlo's room, something along the lines of blood on the walls and dog carcasses and whatnot, but it actually looked pretty sane, and uncannily tidy. Whereas my room is perpetually in a state where it looks like it just gave birth to our next typhoon.

I got to see Paul E. and Nikki and Jessie, all of whom I've not seen in a while, ate the best-tasting Tiramisu I've ever had, and had the thoroughly enjoyable pleasure of seeing Harvey Ong get ass-drunk. On a glass (or two) of wine. Later on he drank some Tanduay-spiked Coke, and after downing half the glass, remarked, "This doesn't taste like Coke..." Chris and I were laughing so hard, especially when he put a hand to his stomach and said in his patently deadpan voice: "I feel a change coming over me." Later on, I stopped the Bjork disc on the player, only to hear Harvey scream "Crying! ...CRYING!" until I put Debut back and played the song. :) He was so drunk at the end of it we daredn't bring him home; he slept over at Carlo's. Also got to borrow some CDs from Carlo; this, along with the CDs I borrowed from Mich, mean I get to listen to some cool stuff as I write these entries.

Speaking of Mich, congratulate her on her new iBook. Since then she's been blogging away. And now she has a DVD player!


The CBCP have claimed that Gamitan is "morally disturbing." Quark was happy.

And now the Directors' Guild is complaining that the MTRCB is playing favorites, citing the acceptance of Killing Me Softly, Unfaithful, and Gamitan as examples. Ha ha ha!

Honestly I can't wait to see what Quark does next. If these things turn up when he does something he himself wasn't too happy with, what then when he turns in something he loves?


Reviewed Ring for Review Night. Should be on on Thursday. But I have Destiny, so I won't even be able to be vain and watch myself.


We lost our maid and one of our drivers, so now I'm kind of the default driver, having to pick up my brother at Ateneo and sometimes my mom at AIM. Pisses me off. And when I (thankfully) don't have to drive, I can't leave the house because no one's left here. Son of a bitch.

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