Sunday, September 01, 2002

One more picture from Friday, also from Alexis’s blog: The Hong and Carlo, both ass-drunk.

And more bonus trivia: Kleptomaniac, I mean, Chris screamed like a girl during Ring. Haha.

Ernan’s blog looks like it’s finally up and running. Well, at least there’s a post now.

After several weeks of Cinemanila it’s nice to finally get to see some regular movies. Last night I caught Jologs with Neva, Quark, and Lia, and didn’t like it. The production design was good, and the cinematography was interesting at times, but mostly it just fell flat. There are no characters, only stereotypes. Not only that, there were too many stereotypes; I couldn’t really care about any of them. The film never comfortably settles into what it wants to be, and ends up being a hodge-podge of non-linearity (clear thefts from Pulp Fiction and Go, particularly) and ensemble wannabe drama (a la Magnolia; there’s even a part where they all sing a song). I wanted to like this movie, and still hope it does well if only to prove to idiot studio executives that our audiences can handle a sprawling non-linear film. What was most disappointing, though, was learning that this script won some kind of Star Cinema contest. Are even the unproduced screenwriter-wannabes here trying to get work by submitting scripts that seem like they were stolen from other films? Christ. And what, do they think nobody will notice? I hated the score most of all, which was everywhere; pervasive, invasive, unwelcome. It’s the kind of score that really tells the audience that “you should be feeling THIS emotion right now.” Ugh. Right after that me and Neva caught the midnight screening of Goldmember, to wash out the taste of Jologs from our mouths. I didn’t laugh as much as with the other two films, but it was still enjoyable, and I loved the cameos.

And just today I finally caught Christopher Nolan’s Insomnia, which kind of underwhelmed me. It seemed very… ordinary. I didn’t particularly see what Nolan brought to the adaptation, aside from his flash editing, composer, and always-effective cinematography. However, something just didn’t seem all there. It didn’t pack as much oomph as the original film did (by Erik Skjoldbjaerg), though maybe it was just disadvantaged because of my high expectations. Decent performances.

Have to write a script for Harvey. And start the Cinemanila wrap-up article for Indiefil. Must. Work. Grunt.

Also have a bunch of other shit to do like make an application essay! Which I haven’t done since applying to Ateneo! Dixie Normous! Wooh!

I have no money for the Bookfair. Boo hoo.

Comment! Man does not live on hits alone. Have finally begun playing with invisible text. :) It's the small things...

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