Thursday, September 19, 2002

Well, after yesterday’s classes on intuition, we spent the whole day on finance and accounting: learning how to make a financial statement, understanding it, balance sheets, etc. It was very simple and clear and I’m glad they treated us like idiots because we were. Now I know all sorts of new terms like equity and accrued expenses and accounts receivable. Prof. Morato said at the beginning, “Finance is simply like this: you begin with cash. You should end with more cash. If you understand that, then you can understand finance.” They also taught us all the usual tricks accountants use to trick and cheat their clients. We also had a short lecture on tax breaks (“Why do you think the Lopezes and Ayalas and Cojuangcos all have foundations? Because they support the arts? Ha! Because they get tax breaks, and they have a place to dump all their useless children!”) Towards the end I was starting to get a little lost, though, because the teacher was going so fast. However, I wasn’t alone, which gave me comfort.

And now I have to write a paper about the contract between the artist and society before I sleep.

Thank God tomorrow’s Friday. Sweet sleep… how I’ve missed you so.

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