Sunday, September 08, 2002

SNAPS from Paul E.'s despedida:

Here's Ozzy's message for everyone who picked on him. Pussy.

Women Love Him, Men Want To Be Him: Sexy Man Mark Lavin.

Me shooting Carlo (o Ate Cyn, pang-Mirror Project! Ha ha).

Here's why I love Paul E. By the way, that couple in the foreground (Jomi and Krissy) inspired all the "important" scenes in Gamitan.

There's that cabinet I was talking about. Look at all the soldiers! No wonder he got such good grades (labo). From left: Alia, Jomi, Mark and Quark.

Joey Tolosa back from the dead, with Ozzy and Trinka.

Too many jokes... overwhelming... insert... own... caption here.

Me, Chris, and Trinka watching Sarah Meier. I love that couch. It's so comfortable and sinks really deep.

Neva was sleeping all over the place.


These pics all came from Carlo, by the way. Click here for more pics.

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