Sunday, September 15, 2002

Did you know that 20% of Filipinos want to leave this country? That’s 1 in 5, people. I suppose I started thinking about it since Paul and Jenny just left, though not permanently, and I have a good friend who lives in the US now, PJ. Mookie’s studying abroad, so is Mark Casipit, and Chris’s sisters Katie and Colleen are moving there too (the twins leave on Tuesday).

I don’t really like this country anymore. The place is beautiful, but goes unappreciated by a majority of the people in it. The crime and politics is constantly depressing, ruled by egos and short-term plans that benefit themselves. Traffic is hell. I don’t think I like living in a country where if a family member befell an accident in the house, I can’t reasonably rely on any ambulance getting here in time. Or if your house is robbed, do you honestly expect the police to do anything about finding the robbers?

Honestly, what keeps me here are my friends. If only I could move to a nicer climate and bring them all with me.

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