Monday, September 02, 2002


Interesting dates that all came to my attention today:

Sep. 2 - Arnold's birthday! That's YESTERDAY, you dolts. Go on over to his site and greet him. While you're at it, buy his new book, After Eden. :)
Sep. 4 - Happy Times, the new Zhang Yimou film, begins playing in Art Film in Greenbelt 1.
Sep. 18 - Spider, the latest film from David Cronenberg, comes out here. I'm not really a Cronenberg fan, but this looks the most interesting from all his works.
Sep. 25 - In the Mood for Love begins playing in Megamall and Glorietta. I'm so glad I didn't shell out P150 to watch this at Cinemanila. Then again, I have the DVD so I didn't really have to. But I'll still see this; I've never seen it in a theater before. Will probably watch it with some friends. Mich? :) The fucking ad makes it sound like some erotic thriller, though, a la Unfaithful.
Dec. 8 - Red Hot Chili Peppers concert
Oct. 23 - Oasis concert
also October - Jamiroquai concert

Found a great site on Ring:

It's got the scripts, info on deleted scenes, and lots of stuff. That pic below is now my wallpaper, so Neva won't go near my computer. You can download the curse video, get info on the remake (Ehren Kruger [Arlington Road] and Scott Frank [Out of Sight, Get Shorty, Minority Report] wrote the script) and two other Ring films that never made it here (but thankfully aren't that good, according to the site).

Click on the pic if you want to see more wallpapers.

This caught my eye: "In February of 2002 Nakata again visited L.A., this time to participate in the American Film Market. It was there that remake rights for his latest work Honogurai Mizu no Soko Kara [literally "From the Murky Depths"], were negotiated. The film was based on the novel by Ring author Suzuki Koji, and its American counterpart will be produced under the title Dark Water." Wooh! I can't wait. Though I was hoping he was working on Ring 3...

And the corruption continues... Harvey now has a blog!

Spent the day lazily at home... no food. I'm so sick of donuts. Opened up my piggy bank (literally, it's Hamm from Toy Story), counted my coins for exchange to my mom. P870. Not bad. This usually goes to a purchase of either a CD, DVD, or graphic novel, but it'll probably go to my Bookfair fund.

Listening to St. Etienne's Good Humor and Placebo's Black Market Music. Finished reading J. Michael Straczynski's Rising Stars Vol. 1: Born in Fire, so I hope to get back to Jessica Abel's Mirror, Window.

Here are some pics from Carlo’s birthday dinner last Aug. 24, taken from his blog:

There’s the drunk Hong, as I mentioned, playing with his two straws.

There’s me doing my Sadako/Lui impression. Doesn’t quite work without any hair, though.

And here’s me trying to lick a ghost.

And a pic of Ciudad from a recent Meg issue:


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