Friday, September 13, 2002

Today is The Hong's birthday! One day over Friday the thirteenth. Be warned. But greet him first. He may yet spare you.

And congratulate Lia! She got accepted at Road Runner.

Tinkered with the template with Neva's help, and was finally able to figure out how to add more boxes over on the left. So now my links box actually looks like it's part of the template now. And I gave my guestbook links a box, since they were practically invisible before. So if you haven't yet signed my guestbook, please do so. :)

Depressing: Infinite Matrix is in trouble. They need money. Damn. Hope they get it. Do yourself a favor and take a look around over there, especially through the archives of Richard Kadrey's Nanotales. Nanotales are really, really short stories, you can usually read them in under 3 minutes. And Kadrey is one of those vastly underrated writers who really should be (at least) back in print.

And Neva's off to Cebu for the weekend, visiting Sheryll and Mikey. :(

Have an orientation seminar tomorrow (today). Should probably get some sleep.

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