Wednesday, September 04, 2002

Alright, let's get back to slagging Chris! Just awhile ago in Ateneo, he was going to steal a tennis ball he had picked up at the tennis courts, then threw it back, saying "This'll just get blogged, e." How right he was!

Cool link: if you want to see the super-cool title sequence of David Fincher’s Panic Room, click here. Quicktime required.

Visited Ateneo today. I still don’t miss the place. It didn’t help that it was fucking hot and traffic was everywhere. I hate how they keep accepting more and more students while doing nothing about the worsening traffic situation. It’s just ridiculous. Too bad, Sir Mark was home sick and I wasn’t able to properly thank him for his gift. But me and Chris got to see Julia, and got some tsismis and gave some back, and showed her all of our blogs. The entry below was posted while in her office. That’s where Chris was whining “There’s always something negative about me in each post” blah blah blah… so I wrote that thing about his family below, and of course, we bump into Maggie (his sister) outside Julia’s office. Then we ran into Trinka and sexy man Mark Lavin, spied on Nancy Castiglione for a bit, got some foodes, picked up my bro, stopped by CCHQ and went home.

I hate driving, and I hate this weather.

Oh yeah, Quark will be teaching a class at Ateneo next sem. I think DV Filmmaking. So if you’re still a student there or know someone who is, tell them to sign up. Some other batchmates who are going to be teaching: Camille Faylona at Thames (TV Production) and Chiko Lara at Assumption High (English?). And so the corruption of young minds continues...

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