Monday, September 30, 2002


The two freaky interns now have blogs: Goldie’s here and Hannah’s here. Though now we are pretty much used to them, so they are not as freaky as before. That makes them either marginally freaky or lukewarm freaky. Or the Interns Formerly Known as Freaky (IFKF for short). Hannah, for example, is already betrothed to Chris. And everyone wants to adopt Goldie.

And holy shit: Jomi’s got one too. That he shares with Krissy, his girlfriend. I expect it will devolve into tete-a-tete online pornography, with occasional random legal mumbo-jumbo thrown in, and just a pinch of Catholic guilt. So it’ll be quite interesting, actually. :) I keed, Jomee, I keed!

We’re just spawning more and more blogs, aren’t we? We’re all just reading and reacting to what we read. It’s a vicious cycle! Prison!


Somehow my file of things to read actually rose to about 230 pages over the weekend!


I must confess to certain things: A) I have a lot of stuff to submit to Cecile. Yes, even though I wrote them I didn’t submit some of the papers because I wasn’t happy with what I’d written. I’ll be working on them now that the seminar’s over and done with, with more time and care and attention and focus. I’d rather submit something I’m proud of late than something I don’t like and will regret. B) Still have a lot of stuff I have yet to blog about, C) really late on some articles for Flip.

I need money. Saving up for a PDA.


This is a picture I found recently of Grant Morrison. One of my favorite writers. In a wig. Wearing lipstick. And what looks like a bra. Note that Grant is a man’s name. This man currently writes the most popular comic book in the world. And he’s wearing a wig. I actually don’t want to know the circumstances behind this picture. Really I don’t. And to think, his girlfriend’s pretty hot, too.


I forgot to blog about why I hate Quark. It’s very simple. Not only has he met Michael Stipe, Ang Lee, and quite possibly Daniel Clowes (at an event I told him about, goddammit), he’s seen Evan Dando perform, sat beside actor Robert Wuhl, seen Julianne Moore in the flesh, and directed his first feature film at the age of 21. Which hasn’t been done in this country since Lino Brocka.

But that’s not even the clincher. The clincher is he saw Juliana Hatfield perform live, and she spoke to him, asking him to go upstairs where they could talk some more. That’s just… wrong. Please, God. There must be some way of balancing the scales. One man cannot have such luck in one year! And I don’t want anything bad to happen to Quark, mind you. I want lots of good things to happen to the rest of us too.

Another of my favorite writers, Haruki Murakami, is going to be signing books in NY on Sep. 28. Thank God Quark won’t be there for that (he’s not a fan anyway), because then I just may have to kill him when he gets back. Not that there won’t be a phalanx of “friends” with pitchforks awaiting his arrival, anyway. Lia will be all alone, keeping the murderous crowd at bay…

Steph, go to the Murakami signing ha! Give him a pat on the back for me.


Now let me give a shout-out to Carlo Eustaquio, whose blog I love.

I gladly despise anyone who tells him his blog is “useless,” “complicated,” and other trite words. Carlo, don’t listen to any of that shit! You already have a blog that is wonderfully unique, that makes other blogs look like dog-puke on the face of Lolit Solis.

It’s fascinating to read about the things he’s been through, the thing’s he’s seen, the people he’s known and loved and met and bumped into and ridden on motorcycles with. How his mind works, the stream-of-consciousness outpouring that his blog has become is what sets it apart, and yet it is not part of a conscious effort to stand out. It’s just natural. Which is terrific and refreshing. It’s hard to remember that he’s around my age, but seems to have gone through so much already, it makes me feel like a nubian pipsqueak. Go read about his (mis)adventures about living in the Taft area, and the characters he met, and his friends from Sanctum. I thought I knew him, but I have barely scratched the surface. There seems to exist an entirely other world that he occupies, that sounds like it would fit in as a third story in Wong Kar-Wai’s Fallen Angels. We sometimes forget that people exist apart from when we’re with them, and I feel that most strongly while reading blogs like Carlo’s. To an extent it’s something I also feel in regards to Neva, because I tend to worry about her (she slipped on the sidewalk yesterday :().

Ahh, sorry. I wish I could write better. Just go to his blog, it’s worth your time more than 80% of all the blogs you read, believe me. He’s a good photographer and fantastic artist, to boot.

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